industrial concrete repair

Industrial concrete repair from a highly skilled trusted concrete company can deliver the results that exceed your expectations. There are a lot of situations where an industrial concrete repair can help to put your surface back together and restore it to like-new condition.

Concrete is the world’s most used material for surfaces. It is a reliable material that with the proper care and repair can last indefinitely. If you are dealing with cracked, broken and chipping concrete surfaces, an industrial concrete repair can fix it.

What Causes Concrete To Breakdown?

There are several common causes while concrete will breakdown. On the upside no matter what the cause the right concrete contractor can fix the problem.

Concrete can be affected by several conditions including:

  • Initial placement problems
  • Environmental conditions
  • Quality of the concrete

Placement problems include honeycombing, rock pockets, and holes. Honeycombing and rock pockets develop when the concrete is not consolidated properly, bug holes are formed when air is trapped in the concrete during mixing.

Environmental Conditions/ Exposure

Concrete is a highly durable material but some environmental issues can wear it down. Water saturated concrete that is exposed to freezing and thawing cycles will frequently breakdown. While a few of these types of exposures will not cause the concrete to show signs of damage, many cycles of wet, freezing, thawing situations will.

Concrete that is poured over metal often will have some problems with time. As the metal corrodes and expands the concrete crumbles. Concrete contractors Delaware trusts can manage even the worst case of corrosive effects.

Exposure to deicing chemicals can also cause concrete to deteriorate. Industrial concrete repair can fix problem areas and reinforce the surfaces.

Abrasion and erosion are also two factors that can cause cracks and divets in your surfaces. Heavy equipment that is dragged across the surface multiple times can damage the surface. Constant exposure to sitting water can cause the surface to breakdown.

It is A Powerful Material But it is Not Infalliable

Concrete can last for centuries but it is not an infallible material. There are everyday risks that can cause damage. Having the support of a concrete company that specializes in industrial concrete repairs can help to restore your surface and return it to like-new condition.