If you’re looking to build up your team of workers by adding several concrete contractors, you know this is a major task that requires precision and a lot of forethought. With significant commercial contracts on the line, you must provide your clients with the best team possible. Since concrete is used more than any other man-made material in the world, it makes sense to hire a reputable cement contractor. Here is how to avoid any costly mistakes and hire the best of the best.

Rely On References

In the construction industry a great track record on paper is nowhere near enough to guarantee a worker’s credibility and skill. When you look for a new cement contractor in Delaware, ask for several references. A sheet detailing previous work (with pictures) is a good supplemental indicator of worthy commercial concrete work, but it’s in your best interest to follow up on those references.

When you do contact the references, ask about specific details pertaining to the work the contractor did for that concrete company. Be sure not to accept a reference that is purely a character recommendation. Ask about the worker’s attitude, timeliness, and integrity in addition to his workmanship.

Look Them Up Online

Before you choose to hire any concrete contractors, look each of them up online. A quick search through some well-placed resources (Google being one of them), can reveal a lot about a person’s professional history.

When you do your search, look for signs of any issues from companies or previous customers. Did the concrete contractor ever get fired? Did he fail to complete a project? Was a project executed poorly? With a little digging online, you can find all of the answers to these questions.

Take A Chance With A Small Project

Most Delaware concrete contractors will not mind being hired for a trial run if it’s paid. Though maybe this approach strays slightly from traditional ways of hiring concrete contractors, this is a way to lower your risk while giving a newcomer a chance to work with you.

If references, reputation, and successful past projects all check out, you can extend a trial offer to the prospective worker. Have them join your team on a small contracted project. If this trial works out to your satisfaction, then you can choose to bring the new workers onto your team fulltime.

Always remember that the trial period must be paid, regardless of whether you will keep the concrete contractors on beyond that period or not. You don’t want to develop a reputation in the industry of a company that takes on free labor and refuses to pay.

Hire Your New Cement Contractor

Now that you have a thorough understanding of how to hire a reputable team of concrete contractors, are you confident that you can follow through with this process? Review the above steps and contact us today if you wish to learn more.