concrete quality and productivity management

The concrete industry wouldn’t be anything without cement: the two words are used interchangeably, but cement is actually the main ingredient (paired with aggregates such as gravel or sand) in concrete. Though portland cement is the most commonly used type in the world, it may have a new competitor in the form of BlocMaster.


Based out of Nigeria, Dangote Cement Plc has unveiled a new premium high strength cement. According to the Managing Director of Dangote Cement Plc, Joseph Makoju, the new portland limestone cement BlocMaster provides all the benefits of the existing range of cements into one, high quality product.


“BlocMaster has been tested, and proven, to provide the best performance for all concrete applications that require rapid early strength, higher final compressive strength, and fast setting,” said Dangote Cement Chief Marketing Officer, Oare Ojeikere. “It outperforms all other bagged cement products in Nigeria, and it is the cement of choice for all major construction projects.”


BlocMaster is apparently affordable and remarkably durable after an extremely brief amount of time, making it highly desired across the entire continent.


“BlocMaster with its higher compressive strength will deliver stronger blocks at the same mix ratio as used currently, and can deliver more blocks, if same quality blocks as achieved currently is desired. BlocMaster is a high grade technical product that allows users to achieve higher concrete strength qualities with less cement, lowering in the process, users’ concrete cost.”


Though we may not see the introduction of BlocMaster simply because the need for rapidly-setting, high-strength cement is not needed in the U.S., concrete companies who focus on speed across the world may greatly benefit from its invention. America is far more concerned with concrete quality and productivity management than getting structures built as soon as possible, but the uses and applications offered by BlocMaster are sure to catch the eye of concrete contractors focused on commercial concrete work. However, if BlocMaster was to make the leap across the Atlantic, concrete quality and productivity management would be carefully monitored and — maybe, just maybe — BlocMaster would replace the favored, classic portland cement.