industrial concrete repair

Concrete is used more than any other man-made material in the world. From walls to foundations and everything in between, the durable material is recognizable in all corners of the Earth. Though the mixture of water and cement (concrete’s basic components) hardens and gets stronger as it ages, there are certain situations — familiar to concrete companies and concrete contractors the world over — that force the stable stuff to buckle and fall apart. Here are three signs that your concrete is in need of repair.

  • Cracks: Cracks are never a good sign in any structure. Depending on where you’re noticing the problem, the source could be varied. For example, cracks in your concrete driveway could be due to the expanding and contracting soil beneath the slabs (common in areas with rainy weather conditions), while cracks in your basement walls could be a much more serious foundation problem.
  • Uneven Appearance: When concrete is laid, either horizontally (like in a driveway) or vertically (like in a wall), the surface is smooth and evenly spread. A change from this original appearance to something uneven and worn is a sign that your concrete requires immediate attention; the source could be from weathering or poor workmanship, but the damage could escalate to breakage and crumbling if ignored.
  • Water Pooling: Concrete structures, especially those located outdoors, are designed to allow for natural drainage. If you notice water collecting and pooling following rain, it could be a sign that your drainage system is not functioning the way it was designed to. Although it doesn’t seem like much, water pooling commonly leads to significant wear and damage. Many concrete slabs are treated with a waterproofing material which can fade in efficacy over time; it may be a good idea to contact an industrial concrete repair service to reapply it and assess the situation.

Since concrete is so widely used, it’s common to see these kinds of problems in industrial settings. Fortunately for all business owners, industrial concrete repair is quite manageable. Though the cost and work involved will depend on the level of damage, finding a concrete contractor to perform industrial concrete repairs on your property is a simple and straightforward process.