commercial concrete work

Although it may not look it, concrete is a remarkable material. Composed of a simple mixture of aggregates and paste, the resulting product is one that can stand the test of time — hence why it’s used so heavily in commercial applications. From the creative to the practical, there’s a reason so many businesses take advantage of commercial concrete work offered concrete companies and concrete contractors the world over. Today, let’s focus exclusively on why the material is such an excellent choice for your company’s flooring.

  • Affordable: Traditional flooring — such as marble, stone, and tile — is not cheap. Compared to these expensive options, concrete is extremely economical. Though price varies based on the concrete company, most charge between $3 and $6 a square foot, so you can cover large amounts of space without worrying about breaking the bank.
  • Durable: Although the average concrete strength is around 3,000 psi (lbs/square inch), some mixes can reach staggering strengths of over 20,000 psi. This is precisely why the material is so long-lasting; no matter what you throw at it — from heavy foot traffic to massive machinery –, it will most likely endure.
  • Easy To Maintain: Because concrete can stand up to so much abuse, it doesn’t really need to experience routine maintenance. If cracks do arise, slab jacking can repair them quickly and without the need to replace whole slabs. Other than the occasional wash (which is based entirely on personal preference rather than on need), you’d only need to seek out care for your concrete floors if you wanted polished concrete. Even then, the process only needs to be repeated once every two years to keep your floors looking shiny and new.

Commercial concrete work continues to reign as a favored option for businesses in the U.S., and that most likely will not change in the foreseeable future. In addition to all of these amazing benefits, the material can also be aesthetically pleasing; polished concrete gives a classy look that can last for thousands of years. It’s time to jump on the commercial concrete flooring bandwagon and see how your business can be transformed today.