In recent years, concrete has become a more common sight in residential spaces everywhere. From countertops to flooring to entire houses, concrete is becoming a more common sight in homes worldwide, and this trend is likely to continue well into the future.


Applications Large And Small


Recently, homeowners have been making use of concrete in projects both large and small within their homes. The durable material has been making frequent appearances in interior design, in everything from chic modern flooring to easily-cleaned countertops. For those not looking to renovate, adding cement decor such as vases or sculptures can add a modern industrial look to your room.


These shifts in material choice haven’t just shown up in interior design either; exterior design and construction have also adopted this trend lately. In fact, several start-up companies around the world have begun researching the possibility of constructing homes using 3D-printing methods with concrete as the primary building material.


Why This Material?


If you’re looking for an incredibly sturdy material for your next construction project, cement and concrete are likely to fit the bill perfectly. The average concrete strength is about 3000 psi (lbs/square inch). Some concrete can reach strengths over 20,000 psi. That makes it a perfect fit for construction in difficult environments where durability is essential.


Additionally, modern design trends have leaned towards concrete for aesthetic reasons. More affordable than stone, this material can provide the clean, industrial look that many interior design trends are preferring these days at a fraction of the cost of other materials. Larger concrete interior additions, such as floors and countertops, are also easily cleaned, making them an excellent choice for homeowners looking to reduce the effort they spend regularly on home maintenance.


Whether you’re using concrete for interior or exterior design and construction, it can add a unique and modern look to your space for a reasonable cost, while also improving the durability of your home. Looking to add this material to your next construction project or major renovation? GFP Cement has some of the top Delaware concrete contractors available to help you with your next construction project. Contact GFP Cement today for more information on how you can make use of concrete in your plans today.