commercial concrete work

Most people take commercial concrete work for granted, they also use the term concrete and cement interchangeably, but they are not the same. Commercial concrete work is so common that no one really stops to think about its long history and how it has affected the building industry.

First lets clear things up about the difference between concrete and cement. Cement is an ingredient in concrete. So you could say all concrete is cement but not all cement is concrete.

A Little Bit of History

Concrete has not changed a whole lot in the centuries since it was first used in construction, which dates back to about 500 BC. Of course, things have been fined tuned since ancient times, and the ingredient list has changed a bit, but ultimately the goal is still the same, and so is concrete.

In ancient times concrete contractors would use things like volcanic ash, gypsum, straw, and other natural materials. Evidently it seems they used whatever they had on hand to create concrete. Today, the ingredient list is far more exacting.

Commercial Concrete Work Goes Modern In the 1800’s

What we know as concrete did not make the scene until the late 1800’s when Portland cement got its start, and as they say the rest is history. The formula for creating long-lasting durable concrete has not changed since the turn of the 19th century because when something is not broke you do not fix it.

Around the same time Portland cement was created, concrete took on a whole new level of importance in the building industry. During this the industrial era, concrete began to be used in constructing everything from factories to office buildings to roadways and more. It was a relatively inexpensive material that delivered the promise of years of durability.

Today concrete is still a very popular construction material for the very same reasons. It is cost-effective, it is durable, and it stands the test of time. Concrete contractors New NJ construction companies depend on stay busy year-round delivering their high-quality products.

Not All Concrete is Created Equally

To get the best results from concrete you have to be sure you are using a trusted concrete contractor. While the recipe for concrete is standardized not all concrete companies use the high-quality parts that come together to create high-quality concrete.

Experienced concrete contractors can deliver the reliable concrete materials that you can count on for all your Delaware concrete materials.