GFP Cement Proudly Supports “Prevent Child Abuse Delaware”!

Prevent Child Abuse Delaware is our local chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America. Their Mission: Their mission is to provide resources and training to make certain that every child in Delaware has a safe and nurturing childhood, free from abuse … Read More
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Commercial Concrete Work Past and Present

Most people take commercial concrete work for granted, they also use the term concrete and cement interchangeably, but they are not the same. Commercial concrete work is so common that no one really stops to think about its long history … Read More

GFP Mobile Mix Trucks Boast Unique Capabilities to Get The Job Done Right!

GFP Mobile Mix Supply providing a special grout mix through a 2” pump line to the fifth story of the Goldey Beacom College Dorm Expansion Project. Our trucks are capable of maintaining the consistent slump required throughout the entire process … Read More
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Modern Concrete Companies Carry On a Long Tradition of Building

Concrete is the most used material in the world. Experienced concrete companies in Delaware know what it takes to create concrete and how to use it. Concrete is certainly not a new idea. It has been used for centuries as … Read More
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Why You Should Use Concrete For Your Next Project

Concrete is a universal object that everyone is familiar with. It represents strength and longevity. It has so many different uses that it will never run out of style. Even when new building materials emerge, it should always be your … Read More
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GFP Mobile Mix Receives Volumetric DelDOT Certifications!

Great News!! We are officially approved now for all DOT Mix Classes including (2) mix classes that are signature to our Volumetric Mixer and cannot be provided by a ready mix truck because the concrete will set up in the … Read More
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Concrete Parking Lots: Why They’re Best

When it comes to concrete materials procurement and logistics, it's best to leave this type of service to the professionals. However, when you need a concrete company to help you get the most out of your parking lot, you really … Read More
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Why Design a Concrete Driveway?

When you have a driveway installed on your property, you want the drive to be both long-lasting and durable. You also want the driveway to be beautiful and made of great construction. Concrete materials do well to create a beautiful … Read More
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GFP Mobile Mix Proud Members of The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association!

GFP Mobile Mix Proud Members of The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association!

GFP Mobile Mix Receives Associate Member of VMMB!